First to Fight Krav Maga Class Structure

Here is an general overview of how I run my Krav Maga classes…

First to Fight Krav Maga – Class Structure

Section 1: Run-Move-Get Away (10 min):
Warm Up (Stretching + High Intensity Interval Training-10 min):

“Accelerates Heart, Increases Breathing & Reduces Risk of Injury”

  • Stretch, Warm Up and Exhaust
Section 2: Hide-Protect-Evade (15 min):
Defensive Tactics (10 min):

“Methods We Use to not D.I.E. (Deflect, Intercept & Evade) an Attack”

  • Two Level appropriate Defensive Tactics using Kicking Shield and Focus Mitts

Reaction Drill (5 min):

“Develops Fluid Reflexes & Responsive Adaptability”

  • Drills using Defensive Tactics in unexpected ways
Section 3: Defend-Protect-Escape (15 min):
Self Defense (10 min):

“Begins from A Position of Disadvantage”

  • Two level appropriate Self Defense Tactics
Burn Out Drill (Stress Drill) (5 min):

“Acclimates You to the Sudden Shock of Being Attacked”

  • Exhaustion drills using Self Defense Tactics
Section 4: Ballistic Attack-Destroy-Immobilize (15 min):
Combinations-Shadow Boxing (5 min):

“Helps Build Muscle Memory”

  • 3 Rounds of Combinations on Heavy Bag Work and Pad Work

“Repetition Is Necessary for Survival Preparation”

  • 2 Round of Shadow Boxing
Combatives Training (5 min):

“Ballistic Attacks Used to Dominate & Neutralize a Threat”

  • Two level appropriate Combatives
Fatigue Drill (5 min):

“Simulates Energy (Adrenal) Depletion You Feel in an Actual Confrontation”

  • Drills to Exhaust using Combatives
Section 5: Survive-Recover-Go Home Safe (5 Min):
Method Moment (Tactical Discussion & Mindful Breath Control) (5 min):

“Mental Preparedness” /”Mindfulness Recovery”

  • Mental Preparation for realities of Combat Self Defense and Survival
  • Mental Strength Conditioning, Present Moment Attention without Judgement
  • Breathing, Relaxing and Recovery Training

*** Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast ***

*** Train to Teach, Teach to Train ***

Post Class Bonus (5 Min):
Soft Techniques and/or Control Tactics and/or Grappling and/or Weapons:

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