Come to Paul Vunaks International Military Edged Weapons Convention (Advertisement)

Upcoming Vunak Milltary Edge Weapons Convention with Seal Team 6 trainers Sifu‘s Paul Vunak and Thomas Cruse of Progressive Fighting Systems – Contemporary Jeet Kune Do.

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Date: August 12 & 13 9am – 6pm

Location: San Gorgino Park, San Clemente, CA

“I have something to prove this time, yo guys will be blown away… remember I said that.” – Paul

Everyone is welcome!

A Worldwide Instructor Certification event. Paul will be promoting Apprentices, Phase Ones, Fulls and Seniors.

  • There will be a full contact LIVE BLADE sparring demo by Paul and Tom (Titanium Shark Suit!)
  • Music, Food & Amazing Demonstrations.
  • The event will be professionally filmed, everyone filmed will be promulgated advertised and displayed worldwide
  • Body Mechanics and Knife Sparring competition ($500 Cash Prize!)
  • Representatives from Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany Canada and South Africa will be there
  • PFS Military Edged Weapons Certifications is the most sought after M.A. Diploma for teaching military units (All participants will earn one!)

Enrollment fee $385. DOM Members $180.

$50 Deposit upon registration. Cash balanced due on arrival.

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For more information go to or all Paul at 760-822-2197

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