Let Them Vent, Protest & Cry. America Is A Fully Race Embroiled Country. There Is Real Danger!

Anti-Trump protests.jpgLet them vent, let them protest, let their voices be heard, these aren’t whiner babies. there is real understandable fear. Stop minimizing the reality of their pain. Just like many minimize the real issues that matter driving the Black Lives Matter movement. They aren’t having a temper tantrum their expressing their real hurt, actual fear and pain.

This vote for Trump was a white rural response to Black (and Brown) Lives and loudly they said they do not matter whether Immigrants or Mexican or Black we all heard the inert deep within white rural evangelical America and seen the rise of neo-Nazis and anti-semitic, anti-muslim, anti-lgbt and anti-mexican hate speech and acts directly because of Trump’s message.

America is not a post racial nation it’s a very racial charged nation. 42℅ of America didn’t go out and vote, near 90℅ of Black America voted for Hillary. People’s who don’t understand the genuine concern, frustration and fear many have from all the disturbing things that came up during this election cycle might be able to themselves compartmentalize what has transpired if they themselves are not an immigrant or minority themselves but they shouldn’t belittle those who are immigrant’s and minorities protesting because their afraid of what might could happen based on what has transpired this election cycle.

It is not racism for a minority group to seek a healthy self identity to speak up and protest when in fear the threat of a majority with bully overtones as threats against them. I’ve seen lots of white males and females decrying the angst and genuine grief of those who genuinely actually fear for their lives and those they love.

It’s great many white people can compartmentalize the dangerous and scary things seen and heard. The sad reality is you will never get it. Because you were not threatened or endangered by the loose talk about Mexicans, Muslims, Women, and other minorities.

Let people protest and vent and get their voice heard. They are actually scared and for good reason. If the things said come true minorities and immigrants are in danger. Hopefully the Judicial branch, and legislative branches can check and balance Trump and so can we as citizens.

White men and women in Leadership roles who support Trump need to stop belittling people’s honest pain and frustration. This is not people pouting because they lost. This is people truly afraid that more Black Lives will be lost, more disabled abused, more immigrants harassed and abused, more Jews targeted, more Muslims targeted. And the problem is when you attack and quarrel minority groups you put them in fear and trigger retaliation.

This is protest in fear of being abused by power. Bullying by a government is facist abusive power wielding it’s might crushing descent. You won the electoral college. Let the winners of the popular vote protest their frustration that a bigot, racist, facist, xenophobe and sexist who has emboldened abusers if president and things could get real bad. Maybe it was all an act by Trump.

But in reality he has emboldened the Neo-Nazis. Stop ignoring the side effects of what you voted for (Trump supporters). And stop belittling the frustrations of Americans truly afraid for good reasons. Hate crimes are on the rise because of what Trump stirred up. Intentionally or not.

Let the people hurt, threatened and scared by it speak. Stop belittling and having bully like attitudes to people scared for their kids, families and selves. We all hope it was just another election. But things said and groups activated like the KkK and Alt-Right white nationalist are a threat to a multi-ethnic nation that is a melting pot. He has emboldened dangerous people.

I saw the alt-right posts of white men with guns declaring if Hillary would have won they would have went on shooting sprees. Voter intimidation played a major role in people not voting. The news of a man shooting outside a polling location here in California. The fear of armed Trump supporters watching poles. I’m glad we voted early. There is a lot of blame to what happened and went wrong. A lot of things played into this.

Let the people who are hurt and scared cry, mourn, weep, protest because they need it. And you need to have compassion and watch it with empathy. You may feel safe and be able to compartmentalize but that’s white privilege for you. Your safe from deportation or xenophobic hate crimes or being killed by draconian law and order used to quell black males out of fear of black males. We get it you don’t see your racism or the dangers your racism presents. But let those genuinely afraid mourn, grieve and protest.

This isn’t a bunch of whiner babies upset they lost. This is real people afraid for their lives. They have been actually threatened by policies based in ignorance, bias and racism. They have a right to be afraid and protest. Let them protest. Let them mourn. People need time to process. Let’s pray Trump does not do what they are afraid he might. Let them grieve. Let them vent. It’s healthy let them do it. It’s normal don’t belittle them. Let this run its course. It’s necessary.



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