Hillary Defeated Herself In This Election, Her Team Unwittingly Handed The Election To Donald Trump!

Hillary Clinton official Secretary of State portrait crop.jpg​Key factors in Hillary’s loss in my opinion are to follow. Here are some key factors to consider.

Americans resisting change have fought back and Trump won. let’s call it the results Progress Fatigue Syndrome (fatigue with progress causing us to regress). At the same time people seeking progress are frustrated with lack of progress.

There are anti-Trump protests in California, New York and Texas. Texas almost went blue according to some pollsters. Arizona hasn’t declared a winner yet and almost went blue as well. But Hillary still lost this election. How is that possible?

Donald Trump won the evangelical vote by  a 81% for to 16% against which is more massive than any other presidential nominee in history. More than Bush or Romney. As a contrast American Jews like myself 76℅ voted for Hillary Clinton.

Call it the “reverse LGBT effect”, evangelicals were willing to do anything take back their values. The blocking of Obama’s supreme court nominee is case and point. It’s the crossroads of the culture clash. Legalizing gay marriage got out the evangelical vote like no other. I believe this is the unspoken factor of this election. Voter embarrassment played a role in throwing poll information off as well.

They were willing to vote for anyone who promised to take us backwards no matter how bad the candidate. Even a xenophobic, unregistered sex offender with racist, fascist and anti-semitic tendencies. They can no longer call themselves the moral majority. Trump is an immoral candidate.

And the Alt-Right white nationalist (racial) vote revival was a surge for Trump. Plus the surprise rural white vote and of course the ever consistent working white males with no college degree who were Trump’s core.

The white rural vote is the sleeping supporters, Trump said wouldn’t answer pole questions saying they would vote for him. They were to ashamed of their inner racism to say it outloud but embraced someone who comforted them with overt racism in a public election. Proving their deep seated racism.

Add Hillary did not get out the Democratic vote like Barack Obama. The big factor is the lack of Democratic support for Hillary. This is a core issue.

Third Party Candidates did play a decisive factor in a few key swing states as well.

As well as Voter ID laws playing a factor we need to establish a new Voting Rights Law or renewed the one that expired. Many were disenfranchised. Voter suppression and intimidation is a real problem.

White men and women voted for Trump over Hillary by a majority. Police executions of black males, shootings of cops and protest may have also played into white America’s fear of four more years of a Democratic leadership.

They want a return to stop and frisk and mass incarceration of those they fear namely Blacks and Muslims. Deporting Muslims and fear of Black American frustration drove the rural white vote in ways I’m sure no poles could show because they won’t openly admit their racism. Even though voting for Trump was an embrace of race bating tactics.

People of color voted for Hillary more but not as many voted for her as did for Obama. Some anecdotal evidence from news agencies was a lack of feeling included in the political process.

Having a black president who was blocked from getting things done and police shootings of black males may have been factors but lack of economic advancement may have been the biggest factor.

Hillary won the youth vote as well.

White people are still the majority and without a successful push to get out the Democratic vote Hillary lost the election for herself.

To stop the shootings of Black males white people have to stand up against it. However this election says they don’t care about Black Live they care about securing rural white privilege against the others they fear. The effects of Progress Fatigue Syndrome are evident in this election. Similar to the Brexit vote.

It was Hillary’s election to loose and she lost it. Whether email scandals or her negatives. She didn’t motivate Democrats to vote like they needed to.

The culture losses of rural white evangelicals were to much. Add in the racial tensions on the rise and rural America‘s fear of Muslims, Black and Jews. Trump won the racist fear vote showing we are not a post-racist nation. The KKK is seeing a ego boost and is pushing itself back into mainstream.

I told my wife America needed time to heal because the racial tensions that rose do to white males power decline was too much and that it would be hard for Hillary to win.

Thats why I believed Bernie Sanders was not only the right choice but the only one who could have won. I am for a female president. I just don’t feel America was ready for more progress. It was too much and they had a melt down. And Trump is their muse.

Sadly the DNC rigged it against Bernie during the primaries. And it all came out in the email dumps. People lost jobs but the confidence was broken.

Even though we were scared of Trump that wasn’t enough to overcome the perception of dishonesty and rigging against Bernie. It is my view Hillary lost this election herself. Bernie would have crushed this election. It would have been Yuuugge! Sadly the people’s will was subverted once again and Hillary lost it.

Factor in Republican redistricting that made it possible for Hillary to win the Popular vote and Trump to win the electoral college vote. The election was rigged in Trump’s favor.

Some say any other woman could have won. Maybe Michelle Obama. She would be great. Not sure America is ready. We need to heal from the racism and division. Progress takes time.

All of America isn’t ready for necessary progress. Sadly. I wish it wasn’t so. I’m ready for change. But a large portion of America has had too much change. This is why we ended up with Trump. We have a long ways to go.



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