Book Review: ‘The Sword Of David’ by Donald J. McCarthy Jr. | Written for BlogCritics

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The Israeli Air Force is one the most dominant security forces in the middle east. Having recently observed Yom Hazikron, the Israeli Memorial day, as well as the American Memorial day, what an opportune time to remember the work of the Israeli Air Force in securing freedom for the Israeli State. Founded in 1948 at the founding of the new modern State of Israel. Israel has remained a central and key player in the modern global dynamic as a key asset in many nations foreign policy making the security of Israel is one of the most important topics of our time. With much of the war of terrorism being hinged on the connection between the West and Israel it is of central importance the security of Israel plays in the make up of middle east.

The central role that the IADF (Israeli Air Defense Force) has played in the many battles since World War II including theYom Kippur War, the Gulf War, the Suez Canal Crisis and the 2006 Lebanon War. Billed as the Sword of David the Israeli IADF has been a key force in the protection and defense of the Jewish home land. Some of the unique and dangerous missions carried out to secure freedom have included a covert attack on the Iraqi Nuclear program in 1981. During the Lebanese invasion in 1982 the IADF destroyed eighty-six Syrian MiG’s without a single downed fighter pilot of their own.

This book details the history of the IADF with detailed history of key battles and the aircraft that has changed the face of middle east warfare. The book is full of color pictures of the varying aircraft in the Israeli Air Fleet. With pictures that may remind one of the the popular “Top Gun” movie. Noting the history of the IADF going from French Aircraft to U.S. Aircraft. As partners in the Middle East and on the War on Terror it is important to note how we arm our friends and allies to defend themselves from aggressors. The book features over 150 photographs of the strength of Israel’s Air Fleet.

The excellent table top book covers the history, progress and development of the Israeli Air and Space Force. This is a wonderful book published by Skyhorse Publishing to add to your collection if your are interested in the Israeli Air Defense program. The book features many exclusive never before seen photographs from the iconic Skyhawk and Mirage fighters to the modern F-16s and F-15s



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